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Tuesday 19 Feb 2019

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    Candii now at A Touch More Class

    Fleur now at A Touch More Class



    Feb 14th - Brittany
    Feb 12th - Mila (She`s back)
    Feb 12th - Victoria (She1s back)
    Feb 12th - Aria (She`s back)
    Feb 11th - Mikah (She`s back)
    Feb 11th - Madison (ATMC)
    Feb 10th - Clover She`s back)
    Feb 9th - Saga (She`s back))
    Feb 8th - Bianca (Never work brothel)
    Feb 7th - Tori (Canada brothel)
    Feb 6th - Coco (Never work brothel)
    Feb 5th - Izzy (Never work brothel)
    Feb 4th - Valentina (She`s back)
    Feb 3rd - Sarah (Never work brothel)
    Feb 2nd - Diamond (She`s back)
    Feb 2nd - Bentley
    Feb 1st - Sofie (Never work brothel)
    JaN 30th - Keely (Melb)
    Jan 30th - April
    Jan 28th - Mimi Never work brothel)
    jan 27th - Gemma (Never work brothel)
    Jan 23rd - Chloe (Never work brothel)
    Jan 22nd - Grace (Never work brothel)
    Jan 22nd - Pippa (Never work brothel)
    Jan 15th - Brooke (Never work brothel)
    Jan 13th - Harper (ATMC Brothel)
    Jan 12th - Aurora (Never work brothel)
    Jan 11th - Phoenix
    Jan 10th - Karen (Never work brothel)
    Jan 7th - Adriana (Spain Brothel)
    Jan 1st - Piper (Melb Brothel)
    Jan 1st - Kelly (Melb Brothel)


    Sun February 11th


    Dear Gentlemen,

    We have commenced a total refurbishment of Liaisons to bring you a Six Star experience.  

    We thank you for your understanding and hope that we do not create too much disturbance.

    Kind Regards,



    Thu February 1st

  • "Our ladies will not charge you extra"

    "All Liaisons ladies provide our clients a genuine passionate girlfriend experience which includes rubbing, stroking, licking, cuddling, kissing, mutual oral, deep throat, and multi-orgastic pleasure at no extra cost. If any lady asks for extra for any of the above please let us know.


    Sydney brothels and escorts rarely come as fine as Liaisons brothel's award winning ladies. The highest quality safe sex services. Brothel jobs and escort work available now to the right ladies!"



    Sun January 14th


    Only at Liaisons will you find the biggest selection of ladies anywhere in any massage parlour, escort agency or brothel anywhere in Australia.

    No-where else can show you a bigger selection of ladies than what you will see at Liaisons.

    Why not come in and see up for yourself? You will be spoilt for choice?

    Why go anywhere else and get to see only a few ladies (if your lucky) when Liaisons can show you the largest selection of ladies anywhere in Sydney?


    Tue September 12th


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Where is Liaisons Brothel located?

You can find the Liaisons Brothel at 535 Glenmore Road, Edgecliff. It is a legal brothel mere minutes from Sydney CBD and it has won the prestigious 'Brothel of the Year Award' the past five years running.

How do you select your ladies?

At the Liaisons Brothel, our selection process adheres to strict guidelines. Guidelines our competition doesn't match and guidelines that are, quite frankly, designed with one thing in mind: our clients' complete satisfaction. That said, we select ladies that are 18-28, slim and model like, possess superbly toned bodies and have a client pleasing approach and professional attitude.

How do I go about selecting a lady to spend time with?

After you arrive to the Liaisons Brothel, you will be greeted by a friendly and warm receptionist. She will guide you to a private waiting room where our ladies will personally introduce themselves to you. Be ready as our ladies say hello in their finest lingerie, heels, stockings and suspenders. (Sexy costumes and outfits are available on request). After you've made your decision, you will then be led upstairs to one of our many 5 star, hotel-style rooms. There all your needs and desires will be both met and exceeded together with erotic movies and free drinks. At Liaisons we do everything to assure your time with us is met with complete satisfaction.

What separates Liaisons Brothel from other brothels in Sydney??

In two words, the girls! There's really no other way to put it because, let's face it, that's REALLY why you're here. That said, our girls are the finest you'll find in Sydney or, for that matter, anywhere. Young busty blondes, slim brunettes, tall redheads, fashion models, cover girls. You name it. Liaison's Brothel has it in spades. And more. Don't believe it? Come check us out and see for yourself why Liaisons is Sydney's number one spot in the adult sex industry. You won't come away disappointed. We literally guarantee it!

In addition to the quality of your ladies, what else separates Liaisons from other brothels?

Quite a few things, really. Starting with the fact 95% of our ladies come to us directly from the Gold Coast with the vast majority never having worked previously in the sex industry. We don't hire from outside brothels as we find they present a poor attitude to our clients or try to charge extra for what the Liaison Brothel considers basic service. Also, all of our ladies will greet you privately wearing only a tiny G-string, stockings, suspenders and high heels. Most importantly, all the ladies at Liaisons Brothel are committed to providing what we like to call a genuine and passionate girlfriend experience.

What is meant by your guarantee of a passionate 'girlfriend experience'?

It's the complete opposite of what other area brothels like to call business as usual. You know: Expressionless, their hand constantly out for extras and about as much fun as a root canal. You know the type and so do we. And like you, we hate it. Which is why at Liaisons, in addition to all our other strict selection criteria, all our ladies are fully committed to providing services that involve genuine stroking, rubbing, licking, cuddling, kissing, mutual oral, deep throat and multi-orgasmic pleasure. And all at no extra cost. Yes, at Liaisons Brothel, our ladies enjoy what they do and we guarantee you will, too. That's the girlfriend experience.

What does your Platinum Club Card entitle me to?

Quite a lot, actually. For example, how does a free room hire every ten visits sound? Or complimentary drinks? There's also birthday bonuses, members only bonuses and offers and more. For a complete list of all the benefits and entitlements of the Liaison Brothel Platinum Club Card, please simple click here.

What's the benefit of subscribing to the Liaisons Brothel newsletter?

As the old adage states, 'The early bird gets the worm,' and by signing up to the Liaisons newsletter, this will be the case for you. By doing so, you'll be one of the very first of our clients to be notified via an email alert when a new lady starts at the Liaisons Brothel.

What are the hygiene standards at the Liaisons Brothel?

You don't become Sydney's premier sex industry brothel with any sort of reputation for bad cleaning and hygiene practices. For that reason the Liaisons is professionally cleaned twice a day to ensure impeccable sanitary and hygienic standards as any of the genuine and verified images of our 5-star luxury lounge areas and suites on our website can attest to.

How safe is Liaisons?

We utilize CCTV to ensure the safety of all patrons and employees of the Liaisons. In addition, all our ladies undergo regular health and safety checks.Furthermore, only safe sex practices are permitted.

How long has Liaisons been in business?

A long time. Over 40 years to be exact. Long enough to have seen plenty of other alleged high end brothels come and go and long enough to know not only what works, but what keeps satisfied customers coming back again and again. That is why after so much time we've earned the right to proudly be the first word off the lips of any true discerning patron of Sydney's sex tourism industry.

What are the services offered by the Liaisons Brothel?

We cater to men, women and couples by providing the industry leading standard range of services to fulfil each and every fantasy possible. A range of services other area brothels fail miserably at matching with their buzzkill tendency of charging extra fees for. This is definitely not the case at the Liaisons Brothel. From sensual body massages to mind blowing doggie style and everything in between, all the ladies at the Liaisons Brothel are skilled, willing and able at making your sexual fantasies a reality. We cater for men, women and couples by providing a large range of services to fulfil each and every fantasy of yours.

Why does Liaisons have the most beautiful ladies of any brothel in Sydney?

Because we appreciate everything our ladies do, the Liaisons Brothel takes care of its ladies better than anyone else. Starting off with free airfare to our other brothels in the Gold Coast, Melbourne and Perth and free, quality, off-site accommodation, Liaisons sets its talented and beautiful ladies up for success. Also, we don't impose any bonds on our ladies or charge any fees to work shifts as is the case in many other area brothels. Because of this and many other job perks, our ladies can relax, earn industry leading money, all while enjoying everything they do. Which, of course, is at the heart of Liaisons Brothel's success and why our satisfied clientele continually return for more.

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Experience Sydney's multi-award winning brothel establishment as one of the best Sydney brothels. We offer the best Sydney escorts services and we are recognised as the Best Sydney Brothel Establishment 2013 and we are looking to achieve the Best Brothel in Sydney 2014.

Servicing: Sydney, Edgecliff, Potts Point, Darlinghurst, Paddington, Rose Bay, Woolloomooloo, Darling Point, Point Piper, Surry Hills, Eastern Suburbs.

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